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July 25-29 at church
9:30am - 12:30pm

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Joshua - Wednesday Nights

The book of Joshua describes the Israelites' conquest of Canaan - the promised land.  It describes the initial invasion across the Jordan river to the final division of the land.  Like most military histories, Joshua focuses on the commander.  Yet for this unique war, the commander isn't Joshua, it's God Himself!  The book of Joshua repeatedly emphasizes that the Israelites' victories were due to God's intervention.  The book of Joshua describes God who faithfully fulfills all of His promises!

Romans - Sunday Mornings

The book of Romans has loomed large in the history of Christianity.  Countless men and women of faith have singled out Romans as the weapon God graciously used to bring about their surrender to Christ.  Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley and others received unexpected spiritual blessings  from Romans that pierced their defenses and ended their rebellion against God.  Romans may do the same for you! 

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