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2 Samuel - Wednesday Nights

2nd Samuel recounts the triumphs and defeats of King David. From his rise to the throne to his famous last words, this biography describes a remarkable, divinely inspired leader. As king, David took a divided and defeated Israel from his predecessor King Saul and built a prominent nation. Like most biographies, 2nd Samuel highlights the character trait that enabled David to succeed: his reliance on God for guidance. But the book also describes the tragic consequences of David's lust and pride.

2 Corinthians - Sunday Mornings

2 Corinthians is the most autobiographical of all of Paul's letters, and probably the most difficult letter that Paul had to write. In previous letters, Paul had exhorted the Corinthian church to correct some abuses that were occurring in the congregation. However, some false teachers in the congregation were antagonized by Paul's rebuke, and rejected his warnings. As a result, in this letter, Paul was forced to defend his character and his apostolic authority in the face of slanderous accusations. His defense reveals his trials, tribulations, and the problems and pressures of his ministry more than any other book in the Bible. Yet, like the rest of Paul's letters, 2 Corinthians points past Paul's sweat and tears to the power that lay behind his actions and words: the Lord Jesus Christ.

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