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1 Corinthians - Wednesday Nights

The church at Corinth was a seriously troubled church. Infected with sexual immorality, split by factions that dragged each other into court, and crippled by abuse of the spiritual gifts, this church was in need of radical spiritual surgery. The Corinthians had a lot of growing up to do. Paul, like a surgeon, diagnosed the problem and aimed his efforts straight at the source: pride and a lack of true love in the church.

Ruth - Sunday Mornings

The book of Ruth is one of only two books in the Bible that were named after women. It's a short book that tells of a love story that happened during the time of the judges, which was a dark time in the history of the nation of Israel. But in the book of Ruth, we see a bright spot in this beautiful love story, and we see that God was at work preparing the line through which Jesus would come.

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