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Judges - Wednesday Nights

The book of Judges is a historical narrative that contrasts God's faithfulness with Israel's apostasy. Despite the repeated falling away of His people, God provided deliverers, namely the judges, time and time again. God delivered Israel from oppression because of His promises to Abraham and his descendants. The preservation of the Israelites wasn't due to their merit or goodness, but due to God's character. The hero of the book of Judges is God Himself, who alone remains faithful despite the failings of His people -- even the judges.

The book of Judges chronicles Israel's history as they went through a continual cycle of being blessed by God through revival, then getting complacent, then rebelling against God. This led to them being oppressed by their enemies, turning toward God in repentance, followed by God's deliverance. This cycle starts and stops through 13 judges.

Romans - Sunday Mornings

The book of Romans has loomed large in the history of Christianity.  Countless men and women of faith have singled out Romans as the weapon God graciously used to bring about their surrender to Christ.  Augustine, Martin Luther, John Wesley and others received unexpected spiritual blessings  from Romans that pierced their defenses and ended their rebellion against God.  Romans may do the same for you! 

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