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1 Corinthians - Wednesday Nights

The church at Corinth was a seriously troubled church. Infected with sexual immorality, split by factions that dragged each other into court, and crippled by abuse of the spiritual gifts, this church was in need of radical spiritual surgery. The Corinthians had a lot of growing up to do. Paul, like a surgeon, diagnosed the problem and aimed his efforts straight at the source: pride and a lack of true love in the church.

1 Samuel - Sunday Mornings

1st Samuel tells the story of the transition in Israel from the period of the judges to the era of the kings and prophets.  Samuel was the last of the 13 judges in Israel, and he was the 1st of the prophets.  He was also the one who anointed the first two kings of Israel, Saul and David.

It had been God's desire to rule over his people in a theocratic form of government, but the children of Israel didn't want to continue to live without a human king.  They demanded to have a king rule over them like the other countries around them, and they insisted, despite God's warnings to the contrary.  Man continuously rejects the rule of God.

King Saul had all the potential to be a great leader, yet his story serves as a great example of what happens when human leaders don't follow God.  His reign ended in abysmal failure.  

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